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Taillard Family Wines News: Another Year, Another Harvest
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Welcome to our first newsletter for 2015 . Can you believe that we are already into March with the 2015 harvest done and the vineyards being prepared for their winter rest.

Let's Start at the Beginning
Since Pieter Taljaard bought the farm Kersfontein in 2007, we’ve been working on developing the business through the production of excellent wines. As with every new venture there are a lot of lessons to be learnt and we finally feel that we have reached the level of maturity where we are proud to put our family’s name on our wines.

Pieter spent most of his working life in the mining industry and to honour his past our wines all refer to mining terms, the newest kid on (from) the block being the “Gully” Blanc de Blanc.

We were very fortunate to attract the talents of Teddy Hall, highly acclaimed and brilliant wine maker and the creative master behind the new range of wines that now bear the Taillard family name.

What’s in a Name?
It was 1749 when Jacobus Taillard first set foot in the Cape of Good Hope. Due to the influence of all the languages in the Cape in those days, his name quickly changed to the more South African ‘Jacob Taljaard’, and that is where our legacy began. By reverting to the original spelling, Taillard Family Wines pays homage to Jacob’s descendants, the Taljaard family - who are passionate about South Africa and about creating and sharing their excellent wines.

Meet the Family
As indicated by the name, Taillard Family Wines is a family business. Wine and Family are two of Pieter’s greatest passions and together with his wife, Dina, and his best friend Hermann they have been investing a lot of time and effort in growing the business.

Now, all three of Pieter’s daughters love their wine, but it is his middle daughter, Anelise, who made the jump from the corporate world and turned her passion into her job. She joined the business at the beginning of the year and brings a new energy and some very new ideas to the table. She heads up all marketing activities as well as product development. The Lobola® range of wines is just one of the new adventures she has in store for the farm.

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