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The story behind Lobola wines
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What’s in a name? We spoke to the owner of Lobola wines and found out

‘’I’m a white person, when I go and look at somebody’s else’s culture, I have to make sure I know exactly what I’m doing and I have to treat it with respect and integrity. The worst thing I could do was to go and make a wine and put on a name from my point of view without taking into consideration something that is precious to them’’

These words belong to Anelise Taljaard, we’ve just sat down to discuss her use of the name Lobola for her wine and whether she had been worried about people not appreciating her use of the name.

Taljaard is dressed in a multicoloured cardigan that speaks volumes about her personality; she’s energetic and passionate as she talks about how she started Lobola and her motivations for the name.

Wine making is a family business and when the work of project management in the telecommunications arena became less challenging, she took up the reins at the family farm and put her keen intelligence to use by finding a gap in the wine market her own line of wines could grow with.

The 41-year old mother of two, who’s married to her ‘IT geek’ sweetheart, as she refers to him, realised that a new consumer was entering the wine market and that is the young black professional.

‘’We as winemakers have an obligation to look after that market, to listen to that market and to understand exactly what it is that we need to bring into the market for them.’’

Having found the gap, Taljaard then did research by visiting various liquor stores, speaking to friends and former colleagues, analysing the wine buying patterns of her market and attending various wine tastings and clubs.

Lobola offers a red which is a Cabernet/Shiraz and a white an elegant Chardonnay/Chenin made by their highly acclaimed wine maker Teddy Hall. The bottle is corked because in fitting with the Lobola theme which is about tradition, and what is more traditional then a corked wine bottle?

Taljaard opted for the name Lobola not only because she wanted to attract the young black market but because she wanted a wine that all south Africans can relate to.

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