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Lobola is the tradition in many African cultures that is associated with the joining of two families through marriage.

A prospective husband (or head of the family) will present the prospective wife’s family with the promise of a ‘gift’ as a sign of respect and appreciation for raising their daughter as a suitable wife and allowing her to join the husband’s family. The actual gift is traditionally agreed between the families and can be either cattle or cash.

Lobola is in essence the celebration of the union of two families and is widely practiced and repspected. Even our beloved Madiba referred to the transfer of Elephants between the South African and Mocambican National Parks as Lobola for his wife Graça Marcel.

The Taljaard family is rooted in South Africa and passionate about their wines. We believe that good wine should be shared with good company and that the culture of celebration should be extended to include all South Africans.

The idea of bringing the Lobola brand to life followed a chance discussion between Anelise Taljaard and Tshepo Mpaneng, her friend and colleague. Upon returning to work after a long weekend, Tshepo mentioned the Lobola negotiations happening at home. Anelise jokingly commented that maybe she should make a wine called Lobola to make life a bit easier for his family. This was the start of a concept that would realise our dream of creating a wine for all South Africans.

Anelise approached Teddy Hall, their highly acclaimed wine maker, with the Lobola concept and asked him to create two wines of exceptional quality that will not only be worthy of the Lobola name, but that would be a testament to the Taillard Family brand. Teddy, loving a challenge, created a beautiful Cabernet / Shiraz and an equally elegant Chardonnay / Chenin to carry the name. He did however cautiously voice his scepticism, but trusted her judgement and passion for the concept.

This scepticism quickly turned to optimism when he experienced the excitement created by the wines first-hand. Up to date, Lobola has been a catalyst to some very lively conversations between South Africans of all walks of life - living up to its aim of Celebrating Unity.
The Taljaard family is committed to giving back to the people of South Africa who supports them in their own ventures. A portion of the profits generated by Lobola wines will be donated as bursaries for the education of future teachers.


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