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Family History
The beginnings of the Taillards in South Africa is rather colourful. Jacob Taillard (also known as Jacob Ernst Lodewikus Taljaard) of Doornik in Belgium immigrated to the Cape in 1749. A couple of years later he had a civil case filed against him, but unfortunately he lost his temper and verbally abused the Court, thereby earning himself a couple of years’ hard labour on Robben Island - probably paving the way for some of the big names in our country’s history. It is this sense of adventure and a certain disregard for rules that lives on in his descendants.

The property now known as The Taillard Family Farm was established just a couple of years after Jacob’s fateful argument (the oldest building on the farm dates back to 1790). The homestead was built in 1810 and is still the pride and joy of the farm. This was round about the same time as Lord Somerset was made Governor of Cape Town - by then under British rule. 

Not a lot is known of the original owners, but suffice to say that both our ancestors and our farm started their South African history in the romantic and stormy years that formed the Cape as we know it today.


Some Statistics
The farm covers 134 hectares of some of the best wine land in the country - that equates to about 200 football fields. A large portion of the farm is situated on the eastern slopes of the Paardeberg Mountain with a third of the available land currently used for vineyards. (Land available for vineyards is about 95 hectares – we are currently utilising less than half)

Our permanent inhabitants include 17 cows, our farm manager and 17 staff. The farm also houses a small and very old acorn forest - for no apparent reason, but we thought it added character to the place, so we kept it in the hope that it will reveal its secrets one day... 

More than 75% of the farm’s production delivers Red Varietals with Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinotage accounting for more than 50% of total production.

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