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Taillard Family Wines
At Taillard Family Wines we subscribe to the traditional values of Honesty, Integrity and Respect towards everyone we have dealings with.
13 June 2016
Lobola Wines - Celebrating Unity
Lobola is the tradition in many African cultures associated with the celbration of the joining of two families through marriage. Taillard Family Wines wanted to create a brand that was dedicated to all South Africans who, like them, believe that it is our diversity that makes us unique, but that it
27 August 2015
Taillard Wines: Food and Wine Pairing Evening
We had a lovely crowd who joined us in a food and wine pairing lunch on the . 6th of May 2015, with the catering done by Stir Food who did an amazing job!
12 May 2015
Taillard Wines
Taillard Family Wines
28 July 2014
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